NQ Water stocks a range of tanks including rural tanks up to 360 kilolitres, commercial tanks up to 10 megalitres, fire tanks and pump sets to suit domestic, agricultural or industrial applications.

We stock Poly Tanks, pre-made in a range of sizes and colours to suit any application, whether it be stock watering, fire water or domestic rain water. Poly Tanks range in size from 500 litres all the way up to 47,000 litres. 

NQ Water is also a Pioneer Tank agent, manufactures of large scale panel tanks. These tanks, typically constructed on site for bigger applications, come in a broad range of sizes extending up to a 350,000 litre capacity. 

Built with durable steel, Pioneer Tanks suit a range of needs within farming and domestic applications. They are also available in a range of colours to suit the surroundings in which you wish your tank to be positioned. We have developed firm relationships with our suppliers, to ensure we continually stock state-of-the-art products and have access to premium tanks to suit various Australian conditions.